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This activity is a hands-on way to cultivate an awareness of joy. Get a jar where you can drop notes of moments when you felt a spark of bliss, no matter how small. These can range from the sun's warmth on your face to a kind word from a stranger. At the end of the month, you will have a jar full of joyous moments to look back on.

The Blissful Moments Jar is not just a jar; it's a vessel of joy and a delightful reminder of life's simple pleasures. Here are some sparkling benefits of keeping one:

  1. Boosts Positivity: Regularly noting down joyful moments trains the brain to focus more on the positive, enhancing overall happiness and reducing stress.

  2. Enhances Gratitude: By acknowledging and appreciating the blissful moments, no matter how small, we cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude towards life.

  3. Improves Emotional Health: This practice encourages emotional awareness and expression, contributing to better emotional and mental well-being.

  4. Strengthens Resilience: On tougher days, the jar serves as a physical reminder of the good times, offering comfort and perspective that can help one navigate through challenging periods.

  5. Encourages Mindfulness: The act of recognizing and writing down blissful moments fosters mindfulness, helping individuals to live more in the present and savor life's joys.

  6. Creates a Personal Memory Capsule: Over time, the jar becomes a treasure trove of happy memories that can be revisited, offering a burst of joy and nostalgia whenever needed.

  7. Promotes Connection: Sharing the concept or the contents with loved ones can foster deeper connections through shared happiness and experiences.


Incorporating a Blissful Moments Jar into your daily routine is a simple yet powerful way to illuminate the beauty in everyday life, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary moments of bliss.

Blissful Moments Jar

Blissful Moments Jar Instructions

The Blissful Moments Jar is a beautiful activity to help you notice and cherish the joyful moments in your life, no matter how big or small. Here’s how to create your very own:


What You'll Need:

  • A jar, any size that you like

  • Colorful paper or sticky notes

  • Pens or markers

  • Decorations for your jar (optional) like stickers, ribbons, or paint


  1. Decorate Your Jar: Make your jar as simple or as fancy as you like. You can paint it, tie ribbons around it, or stick on some fun stickers. This is your bliss jar, so let it reflect your personality and what brings you joy.

  2. Prep Your Paper: Cut your colorful paper or sticky notes into smaller pieces that will easily fit inside your jar. Keep these papers and a pen or marker near your jar for easy access.

  3. Capture Blissful Moments: Whenever something happens that makes you smile, laugh, or feel a spark of happiness, write it down on one of your pieces of paper. Describe the moment and why it made you feel blissful. It could be as simple as enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or as significant as receiving great news.

  4. Fill Your Jar: Fold your note and drop it into the jar. Over time, you'll see your jar filling up with these colorful reminders of happy moments.

  5. Set a Review Date: Decide on a time to open your jar and review all the blissful moments you’ve collected. This could be at the end of the year, on your birthday, or when you feel you need a boost of happiness.

  6. Reflect and Celebrate: When it’s time to open your jar, take a moment to read through each note. Allow yourself to relive those moments and feel the joy all over again. Reflect on the abundance of bliss in your life, even in the smallest forms.

  7. Repeat: After you’ve enjoyed revisiting your blissful moments, start the process over. Keep filling your jar with new moments of joy and happiness.

Extra Tips:

  • Share the idea with friends and family. It’s a beautiful way to spread joy and encourage others to notice the blissful moments in their lives.

  • Consider keeping a Bliss Journal if you outgrow your jar or prefer writing in more detail.

Enjoy creating your Blissful Moments Jar, a simple yet powerful reminder of the beauty in everyday life and the abundance of joy that surrounds us. Let this jar be a beacon of positivity, reminding you to seek and acknowledge the bliss in every day.

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