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The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

We all want to live a successful and meaningful life; to do this, we must embrace the concept of being physically active and smart about our health and wellness and consider our health more comprehensively. This means practicing routines that allow us to live a healthy, stress-free, and fulfilling life. For this reason, Daily Bliss focuses on the eight dimensions of wellness. These eight dimensions create a manageable path to work on improving and achieving our health and wellness goals.

What are the Eight Dimensions of  Wellness? 









The physical dimension of wellness involves exercising regularly, eating healthily, and having healthy sleep hygiene. Start engaging in a ritual to get you in the routine of eating a healthy breakfast, exercising, and practicing self-care before taking on the responsibilities of each busy day. 

The emotional dimension of wellness is about having complete control over your feelings, such as dealing with stress, avoiding negative thoughts and feelings, and looking at a more positive outlook on life. Start practicing positive and healthy thoughts with a morning meditation ritual. Keep it going by visualizing your perfect day to embrace all the opportunities coming across your path. Finally, start your day by learning something new each day for your mental health and wellness. 

The intellectual dimension of wellness refers to our ability to think and make meaningful and healthy decisions about our health and well-being. It's our ability to understand and analyze information accurately. Start your day off by reading to improve your ability to remember things and solve problems. Practice visualizing your perfect day, meditating to find calm, exercising to feel happier, and taking care of your personal needs to boost your self-confidence.

The spiritual dimension of wellness refers to the connection we have with a higher being or the connection we have with our inner self. It may differ for each individual, but it's essential to help us personalize our journey. It's important because it allows us to define our life's goals and connect us with our inner selves. So, start your day by reading, meditating, and repeating your affirmations to take you on a positive path in enjoying your day.

With the social dimension of wellness, we can develop our sense of connection and belonging and a well-developed support system. It refers to the relationships we have with others and how we interact with them. Social wellness involves developing healthy, stimulating, and supportive relationships as well as promoting a real connection with those around us. Social wellness also includes balancing a special need for romantic relationships with others as part of our daily lives.

The financial dimension of wellness is about a sense of satisfaction with our financial situation. Finances are a common stressor for some of us, so being able to minimize concerns about this part of our life can enhance our overall wellness. Some ways to manage our financial wellness include having a personal budget, saving every month even if it is just a small amount, saving for an emergency, avoiding unnecessary spending, avoiding credit card debts, donating to a charity, shopping on a budget, and eating home-cooked meals instead of dining out. You can start by tracking your spending for a month or two to see where your money is going and set goals and make financial adjustments accordingly.

The occupational dimension of wellness is about feeling a sense of satisfaction with our choice in our careers and the businesses we choose to have. This dimension involves having a work-life balance, building relationships with those we work and do business with, and also managing workplace stress. Finding work that is meaningful and financially rewarding is an example of occupational wellness. Another example is seeking an occupation that fits with our values, interests, and skills giving more balance to our work and personal life. 

The environmental wellness dimension relates to the environmental space we occupy. It links our overall well-being to the health of the environment. This includes both our social and natural surroundings, which can significantly affect how we feel. If our surroundings are unclean and disorderly, it can be hard to feel good or safe. Pollution, crime, garbage buildup, and water conservation are some of the factors that can affect our environmental wellness. We can eliminate these threats to our environmental wellness by recycling, growing a garden, purchasing products with minimal packaging, avoiding littering, and conserving energy.

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