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Welcome from Audrey Watson,
Founder & CEO at HER Blissful Mindset.

Hey Blissful Warrior,

Woohoo! Welcome aboard to our digital wellness emporium! Hooray for making the leap towards your wellness tool! I hope this finds you in tip-top shape and beaming with positivity!


These days are crazy, and we all know how important it is to take care of ourselves. That's why I'm stoked to give you access to some awesome content that'll help you stay healthy and happy.

Our digital products are packed with goodies to help you conquer life like a wellness warrior! We've got cool spaces to help you plan your life, track your journey, log your wins, and bask in your glory. Our team of experts has handpicked this stuff so you can be the master of your own health, wellness, and happiness.

Get your wellness hats on, Blissful Warrior! Let our digital wellness tools help you take a deep dive into the refreshing world of bliss. So, let's wave goodbye to yesterday's mistakes and set sail to a brighter future! Boosting your mindset, embracing change like the wellness warrior you are, and hitting those goals like a champ. 

Once again, I am thrilled to have you join us on this exciting wellness adventure, and we can't wait to help you discover the blissful mindset you've been seeking. So, let's do this!


Audrey Watson
HER Blissful Mindset



Hey there, Wellness Warriors!  We're thrilled to share some fantastic news about how you can maximize your experience with our digital wellness tools. Whether you're a pen-and-paper enthusiast or a tech-savvy guru, we've got you covered! Here are two fabulous ways to use our tools, tailored just for you:

Option 1: Download & Print 🖨️

For those who love the tactile experience of pen on paper, this one's for you:

  1. Download: Simply visit our website and download the tools directly to your computer.

  2. Print: Grab some paper and print them out at home or send it your local printer for example OFFICE DEPOT

  3. Enjoy: Now, you're ready to write, reflect, and plan your wellness journey the classic way!

Option 2: Download & Use with GoodNotes App 📱

And for our digital aficionados, streamline your wellness routine with GoodNotes:

  1. Download: Just like before, download the tools from our website.

  2. Open in GoodNotes: Transfer the files to your device and open them in the GoodNotes app. If you don’t have GoodNotes, it’s a fantastic app for note-taking and organizing your digital documents, available in the App Store.

  3. Interact: Start using our tools digitally! Write, draw, and plan with ease, all within GoodNotes. It’s perfect for those who love having everything at their fingertips.

Why Choose? 

Both methods offer unique benefits. Printing out our tools might give you the satisfaction of physically checking off tasks and adding personal touches with your favorite pens. Using them with GoodNotes, however, offers flexibility, portability, and the ability to customize endlessly with digital pens, highlighters, and stickers.

Get Started Today! 

No matter which method you prefer, our digital wellness tools are designed to support your personal growth, productivity, and well-being. So, why wait? Dive into our resources and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

We're here to support your wellness journey every step of the way. Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. Let's make wellness a seamless part of our daily lives!


Get Ready to Put on Your Warrior Gear!

Using GoodNotes App

Our wellness tools are all about "Finding Bliss," and boy, are we excited! Let's banish the past and welcome a bright future with open arms. Embrace change, overcome challenges, and let your inner wellness guru lead the way. This journey is all about growth, discovery, and unlocking your true potential. So, are you ready to join the wellness revolution?

Before embarking on your wellness journey with your digital wellness tool, we've got your back with a handy list of all the essentials you need to make it a breeze. Check it out:

iPad - Link

Android Tablet/Pen

Apple Pencil - Link

Pencil/Stylus - Link

Journal App - Goodnotes

Screen Protector - Link

​Digital Stickers - Goodnotes


  1. Listen up! If you've already got your hands on the items listed above, you're good to go on your wellness journey. No need to go on a shopping spree, you savvy shopper!

  2. Just an FYI, some of our links are affiliate links, meaning we may get a commission if you decide to buy something through them. No pressure, though!


Get Goodnotes

We suggest using the Goodnotes App for your digital journals and planners. This app is highly recommended for its user-friendly interface and features that make digital planning and journaling a breeze.


The journaling world is buzzing with excitement over the ever-popular Goodnotes app! It's like having a digital playground for all your creative ideas, from jotting down notes to letting your artistic side run wild. So, what's the hype all about? Let's dive in!

  1. Firstly, get ready to jazz up your digital journaling and planning game with Goodnotes! With a treasure trove of features, you'll have a blast customizing your journal just the way you like it. Want a pink paper with a green pen? You got it! Want to add some pics, and stickers, or even record a secret message? Go ahead and make it happen! With Goodnotes, our digital products are  your personal playground.

  2. Secondly, say goodbye to lugging around a clunky notebook and pen because Goodnotes app is here to revolutionize your digital game! You can now scribble down your thoughts and memories anytime, anywhere, with just your trusty device. Plus, never fear losing your musings because they're safely backed up in the cloud.

  3. But wait, there's more! Goodnotes app also lets you sort your entries into different notebooks, making it a breeze to locate your past reflections. And if that wasn't enough, you can even search for specific entries using keywords. It's like having your own personal time machine!

So, if you're looking for a digital journaling and planning sidekick, Goodnotes app is your new best friend. With its impressive features, easy-breezy convenience, and top-notch organization, you'll be scribbling away in no time.

Pricing & Features

Start your wellness journal using the Goodnotes app with a FREE plan. That's right! The free plan allows you to add up to three (3) digital tools. If you need more, you can upgrade to the paid plan, which costs either $9.99 per year or a one-time payment of $29.99.

GoodNotes Links

Get Started With Goodnotes 6

Goodnotes 5 

Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web

Help Center


If you're already a pro at another digital tool, you might not need Goodnotes unless you're ready for a fresh start. And hey, let us know which app you're hooked on so we can create a link for our other digital wizards!


Download Your Digital File

Ready to Level up Your Wellness Game?

 Download your newly purchased digital wellness file and let's journey towards inner peace and joy! Remember, whether it's your journal or your planner is like a trusty bestie, a safe space to sort through your thoughts, feelings, and dreams, unlocking the true YOU and getting to full-on happy mode. Don't wait any longer to start living your best life!


We suggest snuggling up with the Goodnotes App before diving into our digital wellness tools. Trust us, it's worth the snuggle session!

HBM Digital File

Your Journey to a Fresh Start

Congratulations, digital-savvy friend! You've aced the Goodnotes App download and bagged yourself a shiny new digital wellness tool. Your journey to a fresh start has officially begun! Remember, this amazing digital wellness tool is your very own personal tracker, helping you nail those daily habits, smash your goals, and keep a close eye on your progress. Best of all, you can add your own personal touch, making it as unique as you are. So, let's dive in and start redefining your health and well-being!


Connect With The Tribe

Connect with other Wellness Warriors in our online community to learn and share tips on living a healthy lifestyle. Our community is made up of individuals who are passionate about wellness and are committed to supporting each other's journey toward better health. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from joining our online community:

  • Access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share your wellness goals

  • Opportunities to learn from the experiences of others and gain valuable insights into living a healthy lifestyle

  • Regular updates on the latest wellness trends and research

  • Access to exclusive content, including expert interviews, recipes, and workout plans

  • The chance to participate in community challenges and events that will help you stay motivated on your wellness journey

  • A safe and welcoming space where you can ask questions, share your successes and struggles, and receive encouragement and support from others who understand what you're going through.

Joining our online community is easy and free with the purchase of your digital wellness tools. Simply click the button below to become a member. We look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your wellness journey!

HBM Contact

If you're feeling lost in the digital wilderness, don't hesitate to give us a holler! We're here to help you navigate your way through your digital wellness journey.

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